Website Translations

Professional translators to help you get the best return from your website

Research shows that customers stay twice as long on a website in their own language and are four times more likely to make a purchase (source: IDC / Forrester Research). However, less than a third of web users speak English.

Our experienced website translators will work with you to ensure that your website translation not only reads well but is culturally attuned with grammar and terminology to help you maximise your business potential.

Choosing the right structure to support your business is vitally important:

  • An international section written in English?
  • Different sections written in a choice of key languages?
  • Country specific pages?
  • A series of localised websites hosted on local domains in foreign countries?
website translations

From e-commerce to web apps – complex or simple

We also work on complex website translations where content changes on a regular basis. For example, for the UAE Interact website we choose and translate news articles into French and German three times per week. We also provide daily translations from German into English for form, an online design magazine.

Alongside your website, you may also have developed apps to support your business growth. Whether your app is a simple contact method or a full-scale diagnostic tool, First Edition can help you.

Your website is a very public window on your company and is often the first point of contact for new customers, so let First Edition provide that absolutely critical high-quality website translation for you.


Why First Edition?

At First Edition, we have over 40 years of experience in commercial and editorial professional translation services. Our professional translators and interpreters are carefully selected according to their qualifications and experience and, of course, they only ever translate into their own mother tongue.

To find out more about our website translation services, get in touch with us today.