Translation Services

Professional and Experienced Translation Services

From a simple business card to a complex technical or scientific report, our team of project managers are on hand to help you.

Our extensive pool of translators allows us to seamlessly match your content with an adept and professional linguist, ensuring that the localisation and transcreation process is executed with precision. Need microwave engineering content translated into Finnish? Look no further than Petteri in Helsinki!

Our project managers are well-versed in handling a wide spectrum of projects, ranging from marketing and website localisation to legal and regulatory material transcreation. Essentially, we can adapt and transform content in almost any field.

Communication is key

Effective communication lies at the heart of delivering an exceptional localisation and transcreation service. We remain in close collaboration with you throughout the project, ensuring that our approach aligns with your specific requirements, whether you are dealing with a single language or a multilingual translation project.


Confidentiality guaranteed

Confidentiality is a top priority, and all our translators commit to strict confidentiality agreements, providing you with the peace of mind that your sensitive documents are in secure hands. Moreover, we are more than willing to sign and adhere to any additional confidentiality agreements you may deem necessary.


Over 40 years of experience in providing translation services

With more than 40 years of experience to our name, First Edition Translations is your trusted partner in the world of localisation and transcreation services. We are here to assist you every step of the way.