Technical Translation Services

Professional technical translators

At First Edition Translations, we specialise in offering professional and highly specialised technical translation services to companies operating in the manufacturing and engineering sectors. With a specific focus on IT, telecommunications, electronic, and energy industries, we have established ourselves as a trusted name in the field.

Our team of technical translators not only possesses exceptional language skills but also has extensive industry experience and relevant qualifications in technical translation. This ensures that every project is translated and presented professionally in the target language, meeting the highest standards of accuracy and effectiveness.

Our technical translators and writers have extensive experience in working with:

  • Complex technical and instruction manuals
  • Technical documents
  • Research and development reports
  • Business plans and project proposals

With over 40 years of experience managing technical translation projects in the engineering and manufacturing sectors, we understand the sensitivity and confidentiality requirements of these projects. We are committed to respecting your commercial interests and are happy to sign confidentiality agreements to safeguard your information.

When it comes to technical translation services, trust First Edition Translations to provide you with excellent expertise and a seamless translation experience.

Technical Translations

Translation services for experienced or first-time exporters

If you are exploring global markets as a first-time exporter or are experienced in international markets, then First Edition’s Translation Services will help you reach new clients and customers simply and professionally.

The engineering and manufacturing sectors, in particular, are known for their heavy reliance on highly technical terminology and complex documentation. Ensuring that these documents are accurately translated is not just a matter of linguistic proficiency; it requires a profound understanding of the subject matter. At First Edition, we have honed our expertise over decades, specialising in these sectors and building a team of professional translators with the relevant industry experience.

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