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Translation companies like First Edition offer a full range of services. We know there's more to Americanizing a text than changing -ise to -ize and taking the 'u' out of 'colour'.

First Edition Translations can help ensure that not only spelling, but also grammar, punctuation, vocabulary, dates and measurements are attuned to the target audience. We also help many companies by advising on a mid-Atlantic compromise to reach the widest possible audience with a single English-language edition. This service can also be provided for other English-speaking countries, such as Australia and New Zealand.

Back translation

Back translation is the process of taking a document that has already been translated into a foreign language and translating it back into the original language, by an independent translator. For example, back translation can improve the reliability and validity of research in different languages; the quality of a translation is verified by an independent translator translating back into the original language. Original and back translated documents can then be compared to check that the initial translation has been understood correctly.

Due to its high cost, this service is not overly common, but First Edition recognise the regulations imposed by certain groups of authorities and we are happy to provide this service to our clients.


Copy-editing goes beyond the reviewing stage and is of particular interest to publishers. Do you have a text that is written by a non-native speaker or by several authors, or one that is not quite up to scratch stylistically? Then you might need our help!

Our copy-editors are trained to screen a text for style, grammar, spelling, consistency and accuracy. This service applies to translations, or texts written in English or any other language. The aim is to achieve a text that reads fluently and is better than the original.

Editing to fit

As most European languages tend to expand by 15 to 25% compared to English, we are aware of the difficulties involved in fitting translations into a fixed layout. Editing to fit may involve rewording part of a text and in some instances cutting non-essential information in order to get the text to fit within the confines of the layout.


Publishing companies sometimes require an index to be produced. Whether this involves translating and reordering an existing index or starting from scratch, it can be arranged.


Companies in different countries have different customs as well as different languages. Do you need to adapt your encyclopaedia for international co-editions? Do you want to make sure that the ingredients in your recipe book are available wherever it is to be sold? Then localisation is the service you require, and First Edition Translations have a team of experts at hand with access to the specialist information you require. We will help you target the right audience in the correct way.


Proofreading is a professional skill. Very few companies will have a member of staff able to perform this task to the right standard. We highly recommend that this step is carried out after translation and reviewing, especially for books and texts intended for publication. Our proofreaders are trained to check the presentation of a text in its final layout. They look specifically for typing errors, inconsistencies in layout and font, incorrect word breaks, missing text, captions etc. Textual inaccuracies, however, should be picked up by the reviewer or copy-editor at an earlier stage.


Some companies do not have a representative to approve the translation in a given language. In this case, reviewing is highly recommended. It allows for a second, equally qualified translator to review the translation by checking the accuracy, consistency and style against the source text.


We offer typesetting services in all European languages with the Latin alphabet, but also in Russian, Greek, Arabic, Hebrew, Asian and Indian languages, all of which require special fonts.

Whether your requirement is for a business card or a series of books, we can offer the appropriate language solutions.

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