Medical Translations

Professional medical translation services in the heart of Cambridge

Medical translations require high levels of skill, expertise and experience. At First Edition, we have been providing first-class translations to the medical, pharmaceutical and regulatory industries for over 40 years. We have built up an outstanding team of experienced medical translators, with over 30 languages translated on a monthly basis. Our medical and pharmaceutical translations include:


  • Regulatory and legal documents
  • SPCs, PILs, labelling, treatment manuals
  • Clinical trials, assessments
  • Research studies, papers and abstracts
  • Information, manufacturing and marketing materials, IFUs
  • Specialist published materials, including catalogues, industry magazines and newsletters
  • Websites, apps and software
Medical Translations

Our list of medical and pharmaceutical translation services encompasses a wide range of materials, including:
Regulatory and Legal Documents: We understand the critical importance of accuracy in translating regulatory and legal documents. Our translations ensure compliance with international regulations, making sure that vital information is conveyed precisely and comprehensively.

SPCs, PILs, Labelling:

We specialise in translating Summary of Product Characteristics (SPCs), Patient Information Leaflets (PILs), and labelling texts for EMA submissions. Our team understands the specific requirements and guidelines of those submissions – including the use of correct templates and approved terminology.

Clinical Trials and Assessments:

Clinical trial data is the cornerstone of medical research and innovation. Our translations of clinical trial documents and assessments maintain the accuracy and consistency necessary for robust scientific evaluation.

Research Studies, Papers, and Abstracts: Scientific communication is key to the advancement of healthcare. Our translations of research studies, papers, and abstracts ensure that groundbreaking findings are shared globally, contributing to medical knowledge and innovation.

Information, Manufacturing, and Marketing Materials

We cover a wide spectrum of materials, from information booklets to manufacturing instructions and marketing collateral. Our translations enable companies to reach international audiences, conveying critical medical information and promoting products effectively.

Websites, Apps, and Software: In the digital age, a strong online presence is essential for medical and pharmaceutical companies. Our translations for websites, e-learning apps, and software guarantee that the user experience is seamless and language barriers are eliminated.