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Legal Translations

Professional legal translators

Our legal translators speak legalese fluently! Our expert translators who specialise in legal matters make sure that your document in the target language says exactly what it says in the source language.

Accuracy assured

In the case of legal documents, accuracy is key as a careless translation might cost you dearly. You can be confident, however, that First Edition’s highly qualified and experienced translators will take care of your sensitive documents and deliver an accurate rendering of the source text.

Legal documents we regularly translate include:

  • agreements, contracts
  • terms and conditions
  • deeds
  • documents related to property law
  • wills and testaments
  • GDPR-related translations
  • and many more!

Confidentiality guaranteed

All our legal translators sign confidentiality agreements with us so you can rest assured that your sensitive documents are in safe hands. We are also happy to sign and abide by any specific agreements required by your organisation.


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