Book Translation Examples

Please find listed below examples of recently translated books:

Translated Guide Books  

Book Titles Languages
Guide to the Van Gogh Museum  English to Arabic
Guide to Tower Bridge English to French, German, Italian and Spanish
National Gallery of Ireland, Highlights of the Collection  English to French, German, Irish Gaelic, Italian and Spanish
Park and Palace of Pena  Portuguese to English, Chinese, French, German, Russian and Spanish
Moorish Castle Portuguese to English, Chinese, French, German, Russian and Spanish
Seeing the Getty Center and Gardens  English to Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean and Spanish
Guide to the Canary Islands (update) German to English


Translated Cookery Books  

Book Titles Languages
30-Minute Recipes German to English
Cooking for Two German to English
Italian Cuisine German to English
Smoothie Bowls  Swedish to English
Green Juices for Beginners German to English
Cooking with Fresh Herbs  German to English
Global Spices German to English
Cakes French to English
Paleo, Recipes from the Cavemen's Cookbook Spanish to English
Eataly Italian to English


Translated Gardening Books  

Book Titles Languages
First Ladies of Gardening German to English
Snowdrops German to English


Translated Phrasebooks and Dictionaries  

Book Titles Languages
Bilingual Visual Dictionary English to Russian


Translated Art Books  

Book Titles Languages
Colouring books (series of 4): Katsushika Hokusai, Pablo Picasso, Gustav Klimt, Pop Art French to English
Relax Art (series of 5 colouring books) German to English
Painting Norway – Nikolai Astrup 1880–1928 English to Norwegian and German


Translated Craft Books  

Book Titles Languages
Sewing Book, Basics & Techniques German to English
Big Needles, Chunky Knits German to English


Translated Children's Books  

Book Titles Languages
Lego Tips and Tricks German to English
My Early School Book, Animals German to English
Fisher Price Early Learning Books German to English
Three-in-one Play Books German to English


Translated Architecture and Urban Design Books  

Book Titles Languages
Ortner & Ortner, Baukunst German to English
Kongresshalle am Zoo Leipzig German to English


Other Translated  Books   

Book Titles Languages
Map Stories French to English
Sheep Signals Dutch to English
Gentlemen German to English


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