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Fiction, non-fiction, and audiobook translations

First Edition Translations will help you with every single stage of your book translation project. We handle an ever-expanding range of subject matter, including: 

  • novels
  • cookery books
  • wines and spirits
  • guide books
  • children’s books
  • art catalogues
  • architecture and urban design
  • travel books
  • gardening
  • crafts
  • ebooks
  • phrasebooks and dictionaries
  • educational material
  • periodicals


Professional book translation

Our project managers are highly knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to book translations. They have an excellent understanding of the whole publishing process and can accompany you every step of the way:

  • translation
  • reviewing/copy-editing
  • typesetting (DTP)
  • proofreading
  • print-ready PDF/EPS or outlined text
  • final checking stage

Our translators recognise the importance of cultural relevance, whilst maintaining the original meaning, tone and style of the text in translation. They also undertake the research necessary to ensure the book is relevant and appropriate to the target audience. For example in a cookery book, checking the local availability of ingredients in a recipe and suggesting alternatives where necessary; in a travel guide making sure the city names are spelt and localised properly.


Working closely with our linguistic team

Our typesetters can work in various formats including QuarkXPress and InDesign. They liaise closely with the linguistic team to ensure that the translated text fits within the available space and matches the fonts, layout and style of the original document. Translating from English into many European languages the text often expands by around 20%, which can obviously have an impact on the layout. This needs to be taken into consideration at the DTP stage if the design has not already allowed for expansion.

Our final proofreading service then ensures nothing has been overlooked. This integral part of the book production process guarantees the best end experience for your reader.


The right linguists and right language solutions for you

We work with you to provide the best book translation service at the most competitive price. Confidentiality is assured as a matter of course and agreements can be signed on request. Our editorial project managers are committed, professional and very hands-on. They take huge pride in every job, large or small, and will help share your ideas and words across the world. Whether your project involves a cookery book, travel guide, e-book or children’s book, we will find the right linguists and the right language solutions for you.


To start your book translation project, email our Editorial Department at

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