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Experienced and professional translation services with cultural sensitivity

Translation involves more than just writing a word-for-word rendering of the source text in another language. Translators need to have a thorough knowledge of the subtleties of both the source and the target language, including idiomatic expressions, slang and ‘hidden’ meaning, and they also have to be aware of cultural differences.

These considerations are all the more important in the case of marketing translations. When your image as a company is at stake, it is essential that your PR, marketing and advertising materials convey the same message in every market.


Native speakers with invaluable knowledge of both the source and target countries

This is where First Edition can help you. Our PR and marketing translators will find the best way to recreate your source text in their own mother tongue. Their knowledge of the culture of both the source and target countries is invaluable when translating marketing material and it ensures that your business will be presented in the best possible manner.

You are probably not aware but, although in China red is considered a very auspicious colour representing good luck, to write a person’s name in red is reserved for gravestones… In Brazil, kicking the bucket means a rather different thing than in English speaking countries: it means not having a care in the world and enjoying your life!


Typesetting service and advice to help you create a successful marketing campaign

Alongside translation of marketing material we also offer a typesetting service to ensure your layout is optimised. This is an essential part of producing professional high impact marketing material from a basic business card through to more complex presentations.

Should you have any questions about our marketing translation services or need any guidance on cultural matters, just let our experienced and knowledgeable project managers know, they will be happy to work with you to find the best and most appropriate solution for you!


It is essential that your marketing convey the same message in every market

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