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In today’s globalised world, the need for accurate legal translation services has grown significantly. Legal documents require a precise translation that considers the specific context, content, and terms within the legal systems they originate from.

Our experienced legal translator team possesses strong knowledge in various legislative areas, including constitutional, administrative, civil, commercial, tax, criminal, and international law, among others. They have a deep understanding of the intricacies involved in legal relationships.

No matter if you are a law firm or an individual seeking legal translation services, it is crucial to work with a legal translator who is a subject matter expert familiar with legalese.

We also offer in-depth knowledge of the laws in both the source and target countries and languages. This understanding allows our team to address any nuances or complexities that may arise during the translation process.

legal translations
Whether you need a legal translation for contracts, court documents, patents, or any other legal materials, entrusting the task to a qualified legal translator at First Edit is crucial. With their specialised skills and understanding of international standards, we are able to offer you expert legal translation services that ensure that your translated document accurately reflects the intention and meaning.

Accuracy assured

In the case of legal documents, accuracy of translation is an absolute necessity as mistakes, ambiguity or misinterpretation, no matter how small, can result in the translated document becoming void. From all perspectives, a translation must contain preciseness, logical structure and completely authentic conversion from the source language to translated language.

You can be confident that First Edition’s highly qualified and experienced translators will take care of your sensitive documents and deliver an accurate rendering of the source text.

Our quick turnaround time and friendly translators are on hand for translation and interpreting of legal and financial documents including:

  • agreements & contracts
  • terms and conditions
  • deeds
  • filed patents
  • witness statements
  • immigration documentation
  • litigation papers
  • articles of incorporation
  • documents related to property law
  • wills and testaments
  • GDPR-related translations
  • and many more!


Confidentiality guaranteed

All our legal translators sign confidentiality agreements with us so you can rest assured that your sensitive documents are in safe hands. We are also happy to sign and abide by any specific agreements required by your organisation.


Why First Edition?

At First Edition, we have over 40 years of experience in commercial and editorial professional translation services and interpreting services. We are one of the UK’s most established translation agencies, and our professional translators and interpreters are carefully selected according to their experience.

Make a trusted choice when it comes to legal translations services .

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