Meet the Translator – Kerryann

Last week in our very first “Meet the Translator” blog post we introduced Adriana to you who works with Spanish and has been in our trusted translator team for nearly 30 years.

In today’s “Meet the Translator” post, we would like you to meet Kerryann, who has been collaborating with our Commercial Team for more than 8 years. We love working with her because she has a keen eye for detail and she is great with formatting which is invaluable when dealing with complicated layouts. Continue reading Meet the Translator – Kerryann

Meet the Translator – Adriana

Meet the Translator

At First Edition we carefully select the best translators for you based on their qualifications, professional memberships and experience. We have rigorous selection criteria and on-boarding processes and we always make sure that the translator we ask to complete your translation is the best suited for the job.

Throughout our 38 years of business we have built up a large team of reliable professionals who help us ensure that your translation is of the highest quality.

However, most of the time this busy team is hidden behind the scenes, and you might not know who they are. As we believe personal relationships are very important and we highly value our dedicated translators, we thought we would introduce some of our translators to you in our new blog series, “Meet the Translator”. Continue reading Meet the Translator – Adriana

#womenintranslation – The Most Translated Author

Most translated authorIn our last blog post dedicated to Women in Translation Month, we are looking at one special female author who – according to UNESCO’s Index Translationum – is the most translated author of all times with 7236 translated volumes published in 103 different target languages. And that’s not all, she also holds the Guinness World Record for the best-selling author of fiction to date. She was a rather prolific author penning 66 crime novels, 14 short story collections, 19 plays and even 6 romantic novels. One of her plays holds the record for the longest theatrical run. She also received the title of Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire (DBE) for her contribution to literature. Can you guess who she is?

Alright, we’ll tell you now: the lady in question is… Continue reading #womenintranslation – The Most Translated Author

#womenintranslation – Historical Translators and Interpreters

historical translatorsIn this Women in Translation Month blog post we are looking at important female translators and interpreters from the last six centuries, from Catherine Parr to Grace Bagnato.

Did we miss anyone you’d like to see included in this list? Let us know by commenting below or just send us an email at! Continue reading #womenintranslation – Historical Translators and Interpreters

Norse Commercial Services: When accuracy is crucial

NorseWhen it comes to health and safety at a busy recycling facility, there is no room for mistakes as they can potentially result in serious injuries or damaged equipment. The use of clear and precise language in any document describing safe standard operating procedures is a must. The same goes for any specialist training on correct practices. For employees who are not native English speakers, it is a great help if they can read all the documents in their native language and if they can receive training in their own mother tongue. A clear understanding of health and safety at the workplace minimises the risk of serious injuries and contributes to the well-oiled running of any facility or factory. Continue reading Norse Commercial Services: When accuracy is crucial

#womenintranslation – Female Project Managers

Female Project Managers

In the last couple of years our Project Managers, Ana and Isabelle visited Elia’s ND Focus conferences for PMs and they both reported back that the majority of the attendees – Project Managers at other translation agencies – were female and that there were hardly any men.

Of course, it is possible that it is merely a coincidence and it doesn’t mean that there are more female Project Managers than male. Perhaps women were just more eager to travel to both conferences for some reason? However, in our experience, women indeed tend to be drawn more to roles in the translation industry, including translation project management than men.  Continue reading #womenintranslation – Female Project Managers

Guinea Pig Appreciation Day – 16 July

Guinea Pig

Believe it or not, today is Guinea Pig Appreciation Day around the globe! In the office we are big fans of the little fluffy creatures, so we thought we would bring you some fun trivia about them! Continue reading Guinea Pig Appreciation Day – 16 July

The Seven Military Classics of Ancient China

Arcturus - Ancient ChinaChinese is one of our most popular languages at First Edition: every year we handle hundreds of Chinese translation projects, both from and into Simplified and Traditional Chinese, ranging from medical information leaflets and technical manuals to museum guides and children’s books. While we could say without exaggeration that we work with Chinese on a daily basis, when Arcturus Publishing’s new Chinese translation request came in on a sunny afternoon, we were a bit surprised.

Why? Because it was for a set of ancient documents written in Classical Chinese! Continue reading The Seven Military Classics of Ancient China

The benefits of buying and selling rights online

Guest article by Brittany Poulin, Head of Audience Development and Account Manager at IPR License


Brittany Poulin
Brittany Poulin, Head of Audience Development and Account Manager at IPR License

IPR License is the first fully transactional rights and licensing marketplace available within the publishing industry. Owned in majority by Frankfurter Buchmesse, alongside minority stakeholders the Copyright Clearance Center and the China South Publishing & Media Group, IPR provides a dedicated online portal that enables rights holders to complete domestic and international licensing deals.

Many different types of publishers and rights-holders successfully use the IPR marketplace to sell rights and permissions. By accessing an online platform with international content, users have the opportunity to maximise revenue by receiving enquiries, negotiating and completing deals on a 24-hour, 365 day per year basis. This new way of doing business creates a global rights community, and brings buyers and sellers together through enhanced visibility. Continue reading The benefits of buying and selling rights online

新年快乐 – 10 + 1 facts about Chinese New Year!

Chinese New Year is upon us! Celebrate the Year of the Pig in style with First Edition’s 10 + 1 facts about Chinese New Year!

Year of the pig

Continue reading 新年快乐 – 10 + 1 facts about Chinese New Year!