Safety first! – Translating MSDSs

GHS pictogram If you deal with hazardous substances at work, then the acronym MSDS is no stranger to you. An MSDS or a Material Safety Data Sheet is a document that includes various information about chemical substances in the occupational environment, such as safe handling, potential hazards, fire safety, first aid measures, storage, etc.

Most countries have their own regulations, and within the European Union, these documents must also comply with EU regulations and official language-specific wording. It’s not surprising that each substance must have its own data sheet in the language of any country where it is used or exported to. Continue reading Safety first! – Translating MSDSs

Case study: Speak of the devil… – Angels and demons in art

Angels and demons 1One of the biggest projects we worked on recently was a book called Angelus & Diabolus. And when I say, big, I mean BIG. The book weighs about 12 kg, and its dimensions are 8 x 30 x 45 cm!

Although the size of it is awe-inspiring in itself, of course, this is not only why this project is so memorable for us. Continue reading Case study: Speak of the devil… – Angels and demons in art

Meeting Vincent (case study)

Meet VincentHave you ever wanted to meet Vincent Van Gogh? Well, I certainly have. He is my favourite painter after all! So when a request for an exciting new project came in from the Van Gogh Museum, I was thrilled. At that point, they were just preparing an innovative and interactive travelling exhibition, ‘Meet Vincent Van Gogh’. Continue reading Meeting Vincent (case study)

Translation musings: Translations for the pharmaceutical industry

summary of product characteristicsIf you were to eavesdrop on our conversations at the FE Commercial Department, you would often hear two mysterious acronyms: SPCs and PILs. Together with product labelling they are integral part of our pharmaceutical translations. For the 12 years Ana has been with First Edition Translations, they have played a huge role in her work life, and over the years she has become an SPC expert. I have asked her to tell us a bit about these documents. Continue reading Translation musings: Translations for the pharmaceutical industry

Translation musings: Translating cookery books

cookery books“Heat oven to 200 °C.” “Add the ingredients to a big pan.” “Cook for 20 minutes.” – Translating recipe books may seem like a piece of cake, however, in practice the task is far from simple. It involves a huge degree of localisation, thorough research and an experienced project manager who knows exactly what to look for in a recipe. Continue reading Translation musings: Translating cookery books

Translation musings: Eyes Open (case study)

Sometim9781316505472cvr_Page_1es motivating young language learners – especially teenagers – can be quite a challenge for teachers. Choosing the right teaching material that sparks the interest of students is one way to keep them involved. It is particularly important that those dreaded grammar rules are presented in a clear and “learner-friendly” manner without any frightening jargon, so that young learners don’t get scared of them in the early stages of their language learning.

Cambridge University Press’ Eyes Open series is one of the materials that present English grammar in an approachable way; the four-level book series containing easy-to-follow grammar explanations. First Edition’s involvement in the project started here: we were asked to translate the English explanations into Dutch and tailor them to the needs of young Dutch learners. As in the Netherlands English grammar is often taught with the help of the students’ mother tongue, a localised edition of the Eyes Open books was created as a response to local market need. Continue reading Translation musings: Eyes Open (case study)

Translation Musings: Designer translations

In today’s digital age it is extremely important for website owners to keep up with the flow of information and provide fresh content as often as possible for their readers. And, of course, if you operate a multilingual site, it is necessary to update the content across all of the languages. Without the help of in-house translators this could be a complicated task. But don’t worry, First Edition is here to make things easier for you!

Form Continue reading Translation Musings: Designer translations

Translation Musings: translating apps

Apps have now become part of our everyday life – from checking the weather or the football scores to tracking what you eat or how far you’ve walked. It is also an area of translation we have seen grow over the last few years.

Picture1One of our clients making fantastic use of desktop and mobile apps is Innovata, now part of Flightglobal, who are a leading source of airline schedules data. They supply data to the aviation industry and build, host and maintain a wide range of timetables and route network mapping solution for airlines & airports. We are happy to have helped in developing these products by translating html and app scripts into a whole host of languages, from Arabic to Vietnamese.

We have provided translations for both their desktop and mobile applications, which they develop on behalf of their clients for use by the travellers. The number and variety of languages required reflect the diversity of their international clientele. Take a look at their FlightMaps app – which combines comprehensive flight schedules with a user friendly solution.

We have been very happy to use First Edition Translations for a number of different translation projects, including our travel apps. They are always very professional and able to take on specialist translations in a large number of languages. This has helped us to offer our product across the world.

Jane Small, Product Manager, Innovata

To find out more about translating your app or website, give us a ring on 01223 356733, email on or visit our website.

Tandem case study


Tandem Verlag GmbH is one of Germany’s leading publishing houses and distributors of print and electronic media products. First Edition has been working with Tandem and their imprinth.f.ullmann for over ten years and one of our recurring projects with them has been the translation and updating of a number of editions for the very popular Culinaria series.

These beautifully photographed books feature the foods and regional specialities of a variety of countries, including China, France, Russia and Germany, and represent not just the classic recipes of the country but also the cultural background to allow the reader to take a culinary voyage of discovery. Our work on this series of books includes translation from German to English, editing, typesetting and proofreading, and supply of print-ready files. After being involved in the complete production of the English version of Culinaria Germany, the content of this book has now been thoroughly updated and presented in a completely new layout and is due to be published later this year.

We use a team of highly professional and experienced translators, editors and typesetters to maintain consistency in style as well as accuracy of language. And, because we always use native speakers to translate, we are also able to ensure cultural appropriateness.

“We have enjoyed an excellent relationship with First Edition for many years. It is reassuring to know that we can trust them with the entire project and get professional, timely and cost-effective results which are both linguistically and culturally accurate.” Isabel Weiler, h.f.ullmann

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