Localising e-learning tools

Localising e-learning toolsOne of the most popular project types our Commercial Team dealt with in the last few months was various e-learning applications, most specifically staff training tools for our pharmaceutical clients for use on computers, tablets or smart phones.

Although the end goal for each and every one of these kinds of projects is a workable e-learning tool that is fully localised for other countries, as the applications themselves are so varied, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Continue reading Localising e-learning tools

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year

The beginning of a year usually finds most of us with an army of resolutions and taking stock of what happened in the previous year. It is not any different for us at First Edition Translations, either. 2018 was an eventful year with many great and proud moments.  Continue reading Happy New Year!

We’ve got news: we are now ISO certified!

ISO 17100:2015First Edition Translations are extremely proud to have been awarded full certification under ISO 17100 Requirements for Translation Services. This is of particular importance to us as it applies a seal of approval to the quality of service that we have strived to maintain since the business was formed.

Our future customers can now share the same peace of mind that our existing clients have enjoyed for years. This certification means that you can be safe in the knowledge that your projects will be executed to the highest standards without exception. If this is the level of delivery that you require be sure to accept no substitutes, many providers will advertise ‘ISO standard workflows’ but this does not mean that those workflows have been reviewed, tested and approved by a licensed accreditation body. If quality and reliability are as important to you as they are to us, then we are here to help and our certification now provides the reassurance that we are as good as our word.

Should you have any questions or queries, do not hesitate to give us a call at 01223 356 733 or send us an email at enquiries@firstedit.co.uk.


Get ready for GDPR with First Edition!

GDPR translationThe last few weeks have been all about the General Data Protection Regulation, as companies throughout Europe have been busy preparing for the new privacy regulation which will be implemented on 25 May this year.

The new legislation means that a plethora of new documentation, policies, procedures and notices need to be drawn up, edited, approved and then possibly translated. The last bit is where First Edition can help you!

Our experienced project managers and expert legal translators are here to assist you with your GDPR-related translation needs, making sure that your documentation is accurately translated and you are well prepared for the new regulation.

If you have any questions about legal translations, GDPR-related translation services or would like to request a no-obligation quote, just get in touch by calling 01223 356 733 or send us an email at enquiries@firstedit.co.uk.

Translator ex Machina – Machine translation in focus

Last week I visited Warsaw for The Translation & Localisation Conference 2018. It was amazing and inspiring to meet other linguists from all over Europe, listen to the presenters talk about the latest developments and changes in the industry, and geek out on linguistic topics (although we do that pretty regularly here in the office, too!).

One theme that was the centre of attention of this year’s TLC was the ever so trendy and much-discussed machine translation. The subject of machine translation or MT is impossible to avoid nowadays and it frequently pops up in conversations in linguistic circles: key words such as neural, adaptive, post-edited often make their way into discussions and it wasn’t any different at the Warsaw conference either. Continue reading Translator ex Machina – Machine translation in focus

A year in the life of First Edition

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

This year certainly has not been any less busy than the previous one: we’ve handled over a 1,000 memorable translation projects, including museum guides, cookery books, children’s books, pharmaceutical translations, technical websites and tourist brochures.

Besides the usual hustle and bustle of a translation company, there have been some special moments, some highlights for the year. In January, we welcomed a new member to our team: Ben Ablett, our Head of Sales and Marketing who has been helping us to further develop the business. In March there was another joyful arrival, Frieda, the new baby of Melanie from the Editorial Team. In March we also attended the prestigious London Book Fair which always provides a good opportunity to catch up with our valued clients and translators. May was a month for innovation as we learnt about the latest developments in the world of translation software at the SDL Trados Road Show in London. In October, we ventured a bit further afield and travelled to Frankfurt in Germany for the world-famous book fair to meet some of our lovely clients and translators in person. The end of the year also had some adventures in store: Ana, our Commercial Translations Manager visited Prague for a conference on Project Management, organised by Elia, the European Language Industry Association.

And there we go – with all this excitement the year is already at an end. We cannot wait to find out what interesting projects the new year will bring.

We would like to thank you for being such great clients and translators throughout this remarkable year. We are looking forward to working together with you again on new, exciting projects in 2018!

Mindfulness at Work

This time last year, I attended ND Focus, the first ever conference for Project Management organised by Elia, the European Language Industry Association. That first conference took place in sunny, warm Barcelona and it was a great way of meeting colleagues across the industry and to develop further skills as a Project Manager. Needless to say, when Elia announced a sophomore conference in (less sunny, colder but gorgeous) Prague, I was more than happy to attend again.

Elia conference

Although there were different tracks and exercises this year, overall the content still focused on the importance of PMs within the industry, highlighting several aspects of how better to serve our clients and provide the type of good service they expect and need. Two of the best ways of doing that are: being efficient with your time and keeping cool under stress/working under pressure by using Mindfulness. I talked about the former in my recap last year but the latter was more or less new to me – especially in a work environment. Guest speaker Joanne O’Malley was excellent in sharing her expertise and experience and I know I am not the only one who found her track to be extremely useful.

So just like last year, I brought back tips to share with my co-workers and with you – translators and clients alike – because I know how we all find ourselves at times working under stressful circumstances. What should we do to cope better?

  • Awareness: be aware of what you are doing at all times, paying attention to your body and mind. Sometimes we get so busy it is easy to lose track of time, to find ourselves in less than ideal situations where we suddenly feel overwhelmed. Stress and overwork doesn’t happen without warning, however – they are a build-up of situations. Be aware of what is happening so the build-up doesn’t hit you like a truck.
  • Learning to be with the experience: you have a huge workload and a lot to do. Excellent, you are aware of it – now, learn to ride that wave. Engage with it, run with it, act rather than trying to react to it.
  • Making wise choices: how do you act at times of stress and overwork then? Stop and take mindful breaths multiple times per day. Be aware of the curve – when you know you are about to feel overwhelmed, take a step back, breath in and out for a couple of minutes, and step back into the fold with a clearer mind because you took a break to create a space in which you can see different options to act skilfully rather than in a knee-jerk way. Take longer breaks if needed, manage your technology well so you are not interrupted when you need to concentrate, cull your to-do list when possible.

These tips work really well with the tips from last year too with regards to time management: to organise better, learning to prioritise and schedule your tasks.

And remember to always: breathe, drink plenty of water and do go out at lunch time.


(post by Ana Grilo, Commercial Translations Manager)

Safety first! – Translating MSDSs

GHS pictogram If you deal with hazardous substances at work, then the acronym MSDS is no stranger to you. An MSDS or a Material Safety Data Sheet is a document that includes various information about chemical substances in the occupational environment, such as safe handling, potential hazards, fire safety, first aid measures, storage, etc.

Most countries have their own regulations, and within the European Union, these documents must also comply with EU regulations and official language-specific wording. It’s not surprising that each substance must have its own data sheet in the language of any country where it is used or exported to. Continue reading Safety first! – Translating MSDSs

Case study: Speak of the devil… – Angels and demons in art

Angels and demons 1One of the biggest projects we worked on recently was a book called Angelus & Diabolus. And when I say, big, I mean BIG. The book weighs about 12 kg, and its dimensions are 8 x 30 x 45 cm!

Although the size of it is awe-inspiring in itself, of course, this is not only why this project is so memorable for us. Continue reading Case study: Speak of the devil… – Angels and demons in art

Meet Ben, our new colleague

Ben AblettJanuary is the first month of the year and many regard it as the time for exciting new beginnings. I must tell you this January is super thrilling for First Edition: we have loads of remarkable new projects in the pipeline both for our Commercial and Editorial teams and we are also welcoming a new member of staff: Ben Ablett, our new Head of Sales and Marketing. Continue reading Meet Ben, our new colleague