Team Building Tips

Jul 15, 2022 | Business

As the dreaded C becomes more and more manageable, many companies are returning from home to the office. Some others keep a kind of hybrid approach, giving flexibility to their workers to decide where to work from.

Here, at First Edition, we actually quite liked the remote model, so much so that we went fully online! 

With our team members in Cambridgeshire, Buckinghamshire, Scotland, Switzerland and now for a short time, in Brazil, we decided that this can actually work for us on the long run as well.

Of course, when your team is working on different locations, it might be a bit more difficult to keep them motivated and some extra bit of team building might be needed.

Here are our top 10 tips for remote team building:

1.    Hold regular meetings.
We used to have weekly meetings in the office where we discussed on-going projects, interesting quote requests, new enquiries. These meetings stayed with us – we just moved them online!

2.    Checking in on team members.
A kind “how-are-you” email or WhatsApp message in the company chat goes a long way and can provide an opportunity for team members to ask questions from their colleagues or even reach out for help with a tough project, if needed.

3.    Share memes and cute videos.
Put a smile on your team’s faces with the latest cat video! It’s always a winner!

4.    Let’s play a game!
Hold a quick caption contest to awaken your team’s creative mojo – or invite them for a friendly quiz with some interesting trivia.

5.    Hold “share & learn” sessions.
Each one of us has a hobby that others might also find exciting or could even learn from. Share your hobbies and make them relevant to what you do at work.

6.    Organise a virtual book club.
In a virtual office where many like to read, it might be a great initiative to set up a virtual book club as a social activity for some extra team building fun.

7.    Some coffee, anyone?
In a “real” office we would have quick conversations sharing some news from our personal lives in the morning when we arrive, in the kitchen making tea or on the corridor walking to a meeting. Do the same online to keep up with what’s happening with your co-workers. Organise a virtual coffee date!

8.    Happy birthday!
Back in the days, a highlight of our days were birthday celebrations with a cake and a break when everyone got together to celebrate the birthday person and we are sure it’s not just us who miss this tradition. Why not send a small present to your co-worker instead? They’ll know their birthday is just as important to you.

9.    Party time.
Is your company big on office Christmas parties or end-of-the-year celebrations? Take the party online if you cannot meet in person. Organise an ugly Christmas jumper competition. Or just share a glass of bubbly after work.

10.    Get together off screen.
Even if your team mates all work in different locations, try to organise in-person meetups to keep the team strong. Perhaps a quarterly meeting or an annual catch-up might work for you.

Did you like these tips? What do you do to keep your team’s morale high? Let us know what you think or ask us any questions via email at, we would love to hear from you!