Next level project management

Feb 8, 2022 | Uncategorized

Modern times need modern solutions.

And as our business changed and grew over the years, we started to feel that our in-house translation project management system could do with some streamlining to meet the demands of our fast-paced work.

We needed a system to help our busy Project Managers keep track of their projects and daily tasks, keep client and translator information up-to-date and make our Accounts Department’s job easier, too.

After looking far and wide for the perfect system, we decided to partner with LBS Suite, as their TBMS or translation business management system could provide everything we needed.

LBS Suite integrates seamlessly with our other systems, such as our email client, our accounting software and even Trados, our office’s preferred computer-assisted translations software.

Through these integrations and other functionalities, it allows for automation at the different steps of projects which is a great help in a buzzingly busy work environment where every minute counts!

However, as we pride ourselves in providing a tailor-made, customised service to our clients and adding a bit of a personal touch in our communication with our translators, we were happy that LBS Suite also supports customisation. This way we can make sure everything is just as we, our clients and translators like it.

Moreover, we are following stringent processes when selecting our suppliers for our ISO-17100 compliant projects, and we needed a reliable solution for this. Luckily, the LBS team was ready to help us with this!

“We have developed few customised features for First Edition, but one of the most important was extending the criteria of supplier search accordingly to ISO compliance,” says Anna Kozubek, LBS’s Operational Manager. “First Edition is extremely careful when selecting suppliers for their projects in order to meet the strict requirements of their clients and the ISO certification. LBS Suite already included important criteria to differentiate suppliers, such as customisable statuses, possibility of assigning suppliers to a client, quality ranking or supplier recommendation.”

“For First Edition,” Anna continues, “we went beyond that and we added the criteria of ISO compliance and Qualifications. In this way, you can save customisable information about qualifications of every supplier (certifications, diploma etc) and use it as a filter in your supplier selection. Also, you can specify for each service and language combination if your supplier is ISO compliant-criteria which has to be respected for certain type of projects. This filter is directly applied in your project and let you select more precisely your resources.”

This all sounds pretty exciting, doesn’t it? But what does our team say?

Karima, from our Editorial Team: “LBS Suite really helps keep things organised in my mind and I like the workflow feature (where the same services are automatically uploaded onto the project) as this saves time. Also, invoicing is as easy as pie!”

Svetlana, from our Commercial Team: “LBS Suite keeps track of all my projects. The various email pre-sets save times as they mean I can send work, quotes, acknowledgements and reminders at the click of a button.”

If you have any questions about our new system or would like to know more about it, just send us an email at and our team will be more than happy to answer!

If you’d like more information about First Edition Translations or to request a no-obligation quote for your translation project, please drop us an email.