Karima’s first three months

Apr 14, 2021 | Business, First Edition Translations, Language, Miscellaneous, Musings

This is your second time with First Edition as you first started with us in 2011 and have been “away” for 8 years. Is it a different experience now? Has anything changed compared to the first time?

Eight years, three children, a global pandemic and remote working – not to mention the new management – mean that my second stint at FE is certainly different to the first! The first time round my commute involved a pleasant cycle ride into Cambridge city centre and now it means going back upstairs to my office after breakfast! What has stayed the same is the diversity and quality of editorial projects. It’s been great working on some of the fascinating projects I have been involved with since I came back.

What kind of projects do you usually deal with now?

Book translations are my main focus and I have looked after some fantastic projects so far. A wonderful children’s book about the Venice Festival translated from Italian has been a highlight.

Besides children’s books, a lot of editorial projects deal with the translations of museum guides. However, this time round, I have noticed that there is a higher demand from authors to have their novels translated into English, usually from European languages. People are publishing their books online and want to reach wider audiences so literary translation into English is definitely on the rise.

There isn’t one language that we handle more than others at the Editorial Department – our projects cover a wide range of languages. In many cases, we are asked to translate into several languages at the same time as publishers tend to print higher quantities of their publications in one go.

What has been the most unusual request to date?

Possibly the most niche project I’ve been asked to handle has been for transcription into Uzbek Braille. It is a fascinating project and I am very excited about working on this in the coming months (watch this space).

Do you have a dream project that you would like to manage?

I would love to manage well-illustrated children’s books into Arabic and/or would love to get my teeth stuck into translating an interesting text from Arabic.