Meet our new team member – Brigitta!

Sep 10, 2020 | Business, First Edition Translations, Language, Miscellaneous, Musings, Translation, Women in Translation

Brigitta BacsaiWe would like to welcome a new team member at First Edition today, Brigitta Bacsai, the latest addition to our busy commercial team. Some of you might have already been in touch with her this week, as she might have answered your enquiries, queries and helped you get things done.

So, how did she join our team of Project Managers? She has a background in economics and international trade but she has always been interested in project coordination and she wanted to work for the commercial department of her then employer. “I could only get a position within the department with a relevant degree, so I decided to complete the necessary qualification while I was still working as an Executive Assistant,” she says. “I did indeed get transferred to the commercial department a few months after completing my studies.” This is how her project management journey began several years ago.

According to Brigitta, the best thing about working as a Project Manager in the translation industry is the multicultural environment: “You get to meet the whole world in this industry. It gives you so much additional knowledge of foreign cultures. I also enjoy the technical challenges offered by the constantly changing applications and the creativity required when you format files. There are also lots of opportunities to manage customer relationships. So, job variety is definitely guaranteed.”

And if we are talking about multicultural working environments and foreign cultures, did you know that Brigitta is originally from Hungary? She has been living in England since 2006, however. “I have always wanted to live in an English-speaking country,” she explains. “After meeting my contractual obligations in my job in Hungary I decided to try myself in the UK. I came to the country without any job offer but I was lucky to find my first professional role in London in 3 months after arrival.”

Coming from Hungary, of course, she speaks fluent Hungarian but she also has a basic knowledge of German and Russian. “I’m not fluent in those languages, though,” she adds, as “I have not had a chance to practise them. I love languages and Portuguese is definitely on my list to learn next.”

As a Project Manager, her motto is Do as you say. “It doesn’t matter if you are dealing with a customer or a translator or your team members,” Brigitta says. “If you can’t keep a promise, communicate it and offer an alternative. This saves so much trouble and builds trust in every relationship, which is the key pillar of any business.”