Meet the Translator – Sabine

Aug 10, 2020 | First Edition Translations, Language, Meet the Translator, Miscellaneous, Musings

Last year we started a new blog series, “Meet the Translator”, in which you could read about the translation professionals behind the scenes: those people who use their years of experience and vast knowledge to prepare the translated version of your important and invaluable documents. So far, you could “meet” Adriana who has been part of our team since 1990, Tim, the finance-director-turned-translator and Kerryann who always knew the best profession for her was something to do with languages.

We would like to restart this wonderful series to show you who work on your translations with us. This week, we brought Sabine to you, who is not only great with words but has a knack for farming.


1. What languages do you work with?

Although I have got a degree for English and Italian I only work from English into German – there is so much demand I would not be able to accommodate another language.

2.      How long have you worked as a professional translator?

Longer than I dare say – it must be coming up to 25 years.

3.      How did you become a translator?

I studied to become a professional translator at the University of Saarbrücken in Germany. But the main learning took place when I went to live and work in the UK where I stayed for 25 years.

4.      How long have you been working with First Edition?

Some 15 years or so. It is always a pleasure working for First Edition – the team are highly professional, helpful and friendly.

5.      What are your areas of expertise?

When I first started out as a translator I offered technical and commercial translations, but soon got more and more involved into medicine/pharmacy/biosciences. These days that is practically all I do.

6.      What’s the best thing about being a translator?

Being able to facilitate communication is one thing, but I also like being a freelancer and working from home (not just in times of Corona). It gives me a certain degree of flexibility in my work hours and I can nip out to my allotment and tend my chickens if I need a break.

7.      What is your favourite First Edition project to date?

I really enjoyed translating an article on nutraceuticals for piglets – a feed supplement to give piglets more vitality. Much as I love languages – in my next life I would like to be a farmer.


Do you have any questions for Sabine about working as a scientific translator? Or perhaps you have a pharmaceutical document that requires translation into German? Get in touch with us via, so that we can discuss it!