E-commerce Essentials

Jul 28, 2020 | Uncategorized

e-commerce essentialsWhat do you need for a successful e-commerce site?

According to some recent estimates, the number of online shoppers will rise to 2.05 billion by the end of 2020. (That is one quarter of the whole planet’s population!) This number has been on a steady upward climb in the last few years and it is sure to further increase.

There are several factors you need to take into consideration in order to maximise your sales on your e-commerce site. Consumer behaviour and their likelihood to shop via your site are affected by aspects such as the aesthetics of your site, how responsive your site is on various devices or the payment options you can offer. And a whopping 76% of consumers say that the most important factor they base their online shopping decisions on is the ease of use of an e-commerce website.

Whether your potential customers find your site easy to use depends on your site navigation system, the loading speed and the overall layout. However, there is one other important component that you should not ignore. And that is language.

Can’t read, won’t buy

Based on the results of a 2014 Common Sense Advisory survey, Can’t Read, Won’t Buy, in which 3000 online shoppers across 10 countries were asked about their online shopping habits, 75% of consumers stated that they would prefer to buy in their own native language and nearly 60% of them said they rarely ever buy from English-only sites.

This is why it is crucial to have your e-commerce website localised for your target markets. When it’s about reaching your audience, you cannot afford any mistakes. Forget about automatic machine translation plugins which most often result in erroneous translations (or laughable outputs in the best-case scenario), and let professional human translators do the work.

Forget automated translation!

If you invest in high quality translations carried out by experienced and qualified translators who specialise in your field – be it fashion, food or furniture –, you won’t be disappointed by the return on your investment. An expert translator with a flair for creative writing will make sure that the message of your ads and marketing texts doesn’t get lost in translation, and the product descriptions will also be up to scratch. This way your customers will understand exactly what you are selling, they won’t get confused by funky machine-translation fiascos, and as it’s all written in their own language, they will be able to easily navigate on your website (right to the BUY NOW button!).

Just like in the case of any other type of translations intended for the public eye, we highly recommend that the text is reviewed, edited and proofread before publishing it. If you need any more information on what these services entail, have a look at our Language Industry 101 blog series.

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