Lockdown Diaries: Jenny’s coronavirus handcuffs

Apr 23, 2020 | First Edition Translations, Language, Miscellaneous, Musings

Laughter truly is a balm during these difficult times so when Jenny, one of our favourite English editors and proofreaders, got in touch to tell us about her special knitting and crocheting project, we all welcomed the respite – and decided to share Jenny’s ingenious idea with you all.

Jenny has come up with an individual solution for a problem that has been bothering many in the past few weeks: how to stop us from touching our own faces!

Since the government’s recommendation for avoiding touching your face wherever possible, people all over the UK have been struggling with this very simple instruction. Citizens have discovered that they are constantly wiping their mouths, scratching their eyes, straightening their glasses and picking their noses (no judgement there). But what could they do? How could they prevent all that?

Well, this solution is just perfect.

Behold, Jenny’s special coronavirus handcuffs!


Introducing exclusively to you the coronavirus handcuffs:

  • Perfect for stress-free evenings.
  • Relax in front of the TV or during a game of Monopoly.
  • Banish your anxiety about face-touching.
  • Overcome those urges to check that your nose and eyebrows are still in position.

These are exactly what you need!

  • Infinitely adjustable in size and colour.
  • Comfortable to wear.
  • Endless scope for personalisation.

Jenny has been a member of the First Edition freelance team since 1985 when she joined us as an English editor and proofreader. She has worked on several projects with us for prestigious local, national and international museums, edited textbooks for well-known publishers, proofread guidebooks and much, much more. We know we can rely on her when it’s about education, history, art history, social sciences, children’s books or cookery books. She is also very experienced when it comes to editing English texts written by non-native speakers which is quite different from editing other types of copy and requires special skills. We have always known that she is great with words, has an excellent eye for detail and always asks the right questions. What we didn’t know until now was her knack for developing new and innovative products.

Stay safe, everyone and follow government guidance!