Ana’s tips for a weekend indoors – long weekend edition!

Apr 10, 2020 | First Edition Translations, Miscellaneous, Musings

Easter weekend

Hello everybody,

Who is ready for the long Easter weekend?  I am actually looking forward to the break – we have all been running and working non-stop since this madness started, so I expect we are all ready for a few days of not working and relaxing indoors.

So here are some suggestions for the weekend:

Brooklyn 99  – This is an ongoing series on Netflix. It is a lovely comedy with 20 minutes per episodes about a group of lovable cops within a police precinct in Brooklyn. It is hilarious and heart-warming. If you already watch it, season 6 has landed on Netflix. If not, well, you now have SIX WHOLE SEASONS to enjoy! I am almost jealous.

Podcasts – You know how much I love audio books, but I also love listening to podcasts. They are free, you can download them to an app on your phone and then listen to everything and anything. They are usually 30 minutes episodes, so you can even break them up. All sorts of content too, history, health, comedy, culture, politics, and my favourite: true crime. I recommend Serial, which is investigative journalist that is so well researched and produced, it is unbelievable. Audible has a ton too, I loved Evil Has a Name for example. If you download any podcast app – iTunes, Podcast Republic, etc. – you can take a look at the charts and look by genre.

Games! – Either to keep the whole family entertained or to play by yourself on your own computer/mobile, maybe this is the right time to invest? I am not an expert but there are tons of online games readily available and Amazon is also delivering board games (how about the…. Pandemic one??)

I recently downloaded to my mobile a little game called Monument Valley – it is a beautiful, gorgeous, soothing puzzle game – a little girl has to walk through mazes of optical illusions and impossible objects. It takes only about a couple of hours to play. It is really, really NICE.

Also I am sure this will make us all cry but Andrea Bocelli will be doing a live concert on Easter Sunday from an empty Milan Cathedral.  6 PM UK time.

Have a great one, everybody and see you next Tuesday.