Meet the Translator – Adriana

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Meet the Translator

At First Edition we carefully select the best translators for you based on their qualifications, professional memberships and experience. We have rigorous selection criteria and on-boarding processes and we always make sure that the translator we ask to complete your translation is the best suited for the job.

Throughout our 38 years of business we have built up a large team of reliable professionals who help us ensure that your translation is of the highest quality.

However, most of the time this busy team is hidden behind the scenes, and you might not know who they are. As we believe personal relationships are very important and we highly value our dedicated translators, we thought we would introduce some of our translators to you in our new blog series, “Meet the Translator”.

In this very first post in our new series, we’d like you to meet Adriana, one of our English to Spanish translators. What’s so special about her? She has been working with First Edition for nearly 30 years!

We love working with her because we can trust her years of knowledge and extensive experience, plus she is always ready for a nice chat over the phone!

  1. What languages do you work with?

I mainly work form English into Spanish, but I’ve been known to do the occasional Spanish into English translation, especially when the Spanish original is too difficult to understand by a non-native speaker.

  1. How long have you worked as a professional translator? What are your areas of expertise?

My first job as a translator was really as a bilingual secretary at a firm in Buenos Aires. They were agents for European and American machinery manufacturers, specialising in machinery for the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food industry. It can be said that my sound experience translating pharmaceutical and medical texts originates from those days. It was a lot of fun visiting the laboratories and dealing (in English) with people of all nationalities and backgrounds. I used to translate all the quotes and specifications, dealt with claims and faults, organised repairs, and even visited one of our principals in Switzerland!

I settled in the UK when I got married, and things really took off in the late 80s after I bought my first word processor, an Amstrad PCW with no hard drive, and my first fax machine. This was soon followed by my first laser printer, a beast of a machine that occupied almost half of my desk. This coincided with all the preparations for Spain joining the EU, when literally everything, from medicine leaflets to instructions on how to hang wallpaper had to be translated for the emerging Spanish market. There were not enough hours in the day to handle all the work available!

I have been a Qualified Member of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting since 1989.

  1. How did you become a translator?

I got my diploma in translation in Buenos Aires in 1977, barely two months after my 20th birthday. Having completed my secondary education at a Girls’ High School specialising in languages, I saw the Translator’s Course (offered by the same school at university level) as a natural progression, as I did not fancy at all the idea of becoming an English teacher. It was a time of political upheaval in Argentina, and my old school certainly offered a safe environment: many university colleges had been closed by the authorities because they became centres for political demonstrations and violence.

The course involved 3 years of full-time study (7 subjects each year) covering not only English and Spanish grammar, contrastive analysis and literary and technical translation technique but also English and American history and literature, style and interpreting practice. Fortunately, it turned out that I really enjoyed the course, and more important for my future career, that was quite good at it.

  1. How long have you been working with First Edition?

I completed my first job for FE on 15 August 1990! It was an agricultural abstract.

  1. What is your favourite First Edition project to date?

I do not think I have a favourite job I have done for FE. There have been many that have been quite rewarding and enriching: the ADHD journal; literature for new drugs set to make a big difference for cancer and heart, liver and kidney disease patients; computer programmes to teach English in schools. The list is as long as it is varied.

We hope you liked Adriana’s introduction. Is there anything else you’d like to know about her and our collaboration? Do you perhaps have a document for Adriana to translate? Get in touch today by sending an email to or by calling 01223 356 733!