#womenintranslation – Female Project Managers

Aug 7, 2019 | Business, First Edition Translations, Language, Miscellaneous, Translation, Women in Translation

Female Project Managers

In the last couple of years our Project Managers, Ana and Isabelle visited Elia’s ND Focus conferences for PMs and they both reported back that the majority of the attendees – Project Managers at other translation agencies – were female and that there were hardly any men.

Of course, it is possible that it is merely a coincidence and it doesn’t mean that there are more female Project Managers than male. Perhaps women were just more eager to travel to both conferences for some reason? However, in our experience, women indeed tend to be drawn more to roles in the translation industry, including translation project management than men. 

We could list some stereotypes about the working style of men and women, or how differently the two sexes think or approach problems but instead of just giving you some corny clichés, we’ve asked our female PMs to tell us why they like their work as part of First Edition’s team and what attracted them to this career.

“There is not a dull moment,” starts Isabelle, one of our Editorial Project Managers. “Every project is different. We also act as troubleshooters but above all, it’s pretty much a communication thing!”

“I love the sales side of things,” says Ana, our Commercial Translations Manager. “I love getting new projects from new clients and that I can discover new things every day. For example, I have just recently learnt that there is such a thing as ‘Mountain Time’ in the US!” she adds.

According to Svetlana, who is part of our Commercial Team, “you need to be diplomatic and a good negotiator” if you’d like to be a good Project Manager. She likes that as a PM she “can create solutions for our clients.”

Do you have any questions for our female PMs? Or do you have a story to tell about Women in Translation Month? Get in touch with us by emailing enquiries@firstedit.co.uk or giving us a call on 01223 356 733!