Women in TranslationThere is anecdotal evidence that the language industry and more specifically the translation industry is dominated by women: there are more women studying languages than men at university level, there is always a minority of men at translation conferences, we seem to have an overwhelming number of female translators in our own in-house database, and if you look at our Project Manager Team at First Edition, it is also mostly female. (It’s 83%, to be exact.)

But we don’t have to rely on hearsay and small data samples if we want to prove that women dominate the translation industry. Based on the answers of 2,195 respondents who filled in a Common Sense Advisory survey in 2017, “workers involved with language services are overwhelmingly female”. (70% of their respondents were women.) According to the CSA, “even allowing for potential bias in response rates to a survey about gender, it is clear that the large majority of individuals working with translation, localization, interpreting, and language technology are female.” The list includes translators, project managers and members of the upper management. (Although, despite the overwhelming number of females in the whole industry, the latter still tends to be dominantly male.)

August is Women in Translation Month and we see it as a great opportunity to celebrate and spread the news about all the amazing women involved in the language industry: tireless translators, hard-working project managers and, of course, female authors whose awesome work has been translated into foreign languages. In August we will explore the world of translation from a female perspective and bring you short articles introducing some incredible women! So, keep an eye on this space in the coming weeks! 🙂