Norse Commercial Services: When accuracy is crucial

Aug 13, 2019 | Business, Case studies, First Edition Translations, Language, Miscellaneous, Musings, Translation

NorseWhen it comes to health and safety at a busy recycling facility, there is no room for mistakes as they can potentially result in serious injuries or damaged equipment. The use of clear and precise language in any document describing safe standard operating procedures is a must. The same goes for any specialist training on correct practices. For employees who are not native English speakers, it is a great help if they can read all the documents in their native language and if they can receive training in their own mother tongue. A clear understanding of health and safety at the workplace minimises the risk of serious injuries and contributes to the well-oiled running of any facility or factory.

As a provider of environmental and commercial waste collection services with an international team, Norse know this very well. They also know that they need expert translators who can accurately and precisely translate their important technical documents, and experienced interpreters who are familiar with the subjects discussed and can attend training days on site. Besides these technical subjects related to their daily operation, Norse also need help with HR-related matters: they require written translation of sensitive letters – often with tight deadlines, documents explaining policies, transcripts and minutes, as well as interpreting at meetings with employees.

Norse first started its collaboration with First Edition’s sister company, Cintra in 2011, at which point the company provided both translations and interpreting for them in a variety of languages. Since 2016 when First Edition Translations became part of Cintra Language Services Group and took over commercial translations from Cintra, Norse’s translations have been handled by First Edition, while their interpreting assignments have stayed with Cintra Interpreting.
“We found the transition from First Edition to Cintra a seamless process,” says Ben Clemmett, Strategic HR Business Partner at Norse. “We largely continue to deal with the same members of staff and are always kept informed if we need to use alternative contacts.”

The delegation of the translation side of Norse’s projects to First Edition means that they can benefit from the support of additional FE in-house staff, as well as a wider linguist pool. As Norse’s translation and interpreting requirements are often interrelated, there is a tight collaboration between Cintra’s interpreting booking team and our project managers at First Edition to ensure a smooth all-round service to Norse.

“Our HR Department require many letters and documents to be translated into a variety of languages for any member of staff who is going through an HR process in the interests of fairness,” Ben explains. “By using First Edition we can ensure they thoroughly understand what is happening or required of them.” He adds that “as a socially responsible employer, other parts of Norse’s business use First Edition to translate documents – such as Health and Safety information – which are important for the welfare of the individual concerned.”
Svetlana, Norse’s primary Project Manager finds our collaboration with Norse particularly rewarding and important: “I enjoy working with Norse because, while translating the various procedures, training materials and reports, both I and the team of linguists learn a lot about the recycling processes – so relevant in this age of environmental concern. Knowing what happens when my recycling reaches the recycling centres has certainly made me more aware of correct recycling practices.”

“We would be happy to recommend First Edition to others,” says Ben. “We have always had a very efficient translation service from Cintra and now First Edition. Staff are always very helpful and thorough and willing to go the extra mile, if necessary, to provide a good service to agreed deadlines.”


Do you have any questions about Norse or our collaboration with them? Or do you have similarly complex translation and interpreting requirements you need help with? Get in touch with us via email at or give us a call: 01223 356 733.