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Jun 12, 2019 | First Edition Translations, Language

I believe I am speaking on behalf of the whole First Edition team when I say that we find all languages beautiful. They are all unique and fascinating and intriguing. But… you know there is one language that we find particularly beautiful. And that’s French.

French has a melody that is not like any other. Words in French linger on one’s lips like a smooth full-bodied red wine. Let’s take this one: la poubelle… Come on, just try to read it aloud: lah pooh-bell.

When we first heard this word (well, at least the non-French speakers in the office), we were fascinated by it. What does this magical word mean? It must be something poetic or enchanted.

It means the bin.

Yes, you read it right, THE BIN.

Of course, this surprising experience with this divine/mundane word sparked a conversation in our office about how we perceive languages and how every language sounds so different. And to prove the point, we started listing bin in our languages: Mülleimer in German, lata de lixo in Portuguese, il cestino in Italian and кош (kosh) in Bulgarian. Then there came a discussion about pronunciation, etymology, history of languages… We wouldn’t be a bunch of language nerds if we didn’t write a list with all these words for bin and stick it on the wall to remind us of our fun conversation.

That day bin was the definitely Word of the Day.

word of the day

Our very first Word of the Day

This was over four months ago and the Word of the Day tradition is still going strong. Every day we have a new word up on our wall. Sometimes it is a random word and sometimes it relates to something that happened to one of us in the team or something that we heard on the news. Regardless of how we come up with the Word of the Day, it’s always the start of an interesting linguistic conversation that helps us learn a tiny bit more about each other’s languages every day.

From time to time we will share these fun words with you on social media, on our Facebook page and our Twitter feed. And if our Word of the Day inspires you, please don’t hesitate to add a comment with the translation in your language!