The benefits of buying and selling rights online

Feb 25, 2019 | Business, Miscellaneous, Translation

Guest article by Brittany Poulin, Head of Audience Development and Account Manager at IPR License


Brittany Poulin

Brittany Poulin, Head of Audience Development and Account Manager at IPR License

IPR License is the first fully transactional rights and licensing marketplace available within the publishing industry. Owned in majority by Frankfurter Buchmesse, alongside minority stakeholders the Copyright Clearance Center and the China South Publishing & Media Group, IPR provides a dedicated online portal that enables rights holders to complete domestic and international licensing deals.

Many different types of publishers and rights-holders successfully use the IPR marketplace to sell rights and permissions. By accessing an online platform with international content, users have the opportunity to maximise revenue by receiving enquiries, negotiating and completing deals on a 24-hour, 365 day per year basis. This new way of doing business creates a global rights community, and brings buyers and sellers together through enhanced visibility.



Those who would like to sell their rights and permissions through IPR are able to do so via an annual membership subscription model. This membership allows IPR Seller Members to attract and match with international buyers interested in their front- and back-list content, connect with buyers through a simple offer and negotiation process, and transact through a secure payment gateway.

  1. Automate smaller deals for extra profitability

Over the last two years, IPR License has launched a series of rights and permissions automation tools called the IPR ToolBox. This is designed to assist publishers in automating their smaller deals to increase the profitability of both their front- and back-list titles.

All members of IPR License have access to these digital automation and marketing tools, including a Rights Portal, which hosts all your content in a single online shopfront location, and an Instant Rights Guide generator, which produces an instant customisable PDF of your rights list including your titles and company branding.  They also have access to our automation tools Instant Rights and Instant Permissions, which enable publishers to complete fully automated translation rights sales and grant permissions quickly and cost-effectively anywhere online.

  1. Market your backlist to maximise revenue

IPR Seller Members can maximise the exposure of their backlist – or focus on a selection of titles intended for translation in specific territories and languages – by developing an online rights strategy.

Creating a blueprint that compliments the overall rights strategy of the publisher’s business allows IPR Seller Members to focus on the big deals in-house, while IPR generates profit for the publisher on the rest.

The IPR Seller Membership is designed to make the most of the team you are working with. Whether you have a busy rights department, inundated with many requests and no time to dedicate to pursuing high value deals, or are part of a smaller publisher team with limited resources allocated to focus on establishing an international presence, publishers can customise the way they use the IPR ToolBox to maximise revenue and increase profitability.

IPR License also offers a variety of marketing tools and services, including access to a buyer and subscriber database segmented by territory and category, which receives targeted information based on registered interest to ensure content is being seen by the most relevant international buyers.  Our services also give opportunities for inclusion in digital and print interviews via the IPR Blog and print IPR Rights Magazine, which is distributed at key international book fairs throughout the year.  Titles included in the Magazine are also given extra visibility as they are promoted by our colleagues at Publishing Perspectives and marketed via their social media channels.

Don’t forget to think like a buyer when listing rights or permissions for sale. Publishers know their content best – what would a buyer think to search for when looking for similar content? Does it fall under more than one category? Has it already done well in a similar market? IPR Seller Members can tailor each title listing to increase visibility on the IPR platform as well as other online search engines.

  1. Take advantage of 24/7 transactions, 365 days a year

Use the IPR platform as a tool. By setting up automation rules to suit your company’s rights and permissions fees, certain territories or languages can be processed quickly and efficiently using a direct payment, and reports can be downloaded in real time to monitor success.

Questions? Contact Jane Tappuni at for further information.



IPR License also offers a free Buyer Membership to all those interested in using the platform to discover titles, negotiate deals and complete payments. The membership itself is simple and built around three key cornerstones of service: the IPR platform, marketing and information, and dedicated account management.

  1. Buying Rights on the IPR Platform

To register as an IPR Buyer Member, visit and fill in a quick form about you and your interests.

Using the Advanced Search option, IPR Buyers can browse content using any number of filters – by country, language, category and more. Members can also search publishers by category or country. On each publisher’s Rights Portal, buyers can find publishers’ titles and all rights available.

When browsing content on the platform, buyers can request further information before making an offer. Many publishers allow buyers to receive a content preview or complete manuscript, which can be downloaded as a Word document or PDF.

Buyers can also “follow” titles or publishers to get updates about new content uploaded to the platform, or titles which have been recently licensed to other markets.

Most importantly, IPR Buyer Members can make offers and complete deals directly through the platform using IPR’s automation tools, Instant Rights and Instant Permissions. They can make an offer using a short online form and negotiate with the publisher via a clear messaging service. The contract requires a digital signature, and the buyer can make payment through IPR’s secure payment platform, or pay by bank transfer through a downloadable invoice.

  1. Marketing & Information Services

IPR Buyer Members have the option to receive as little or as much information as they wish. By selecting areas of interest, each buyer can opt in to receive IPR’s quarterly e-bulletins showcasing new and popular titles in their target territories.

IPR also sends out a monthly e-newsletter, which gives a first look at the latest news from IPR and our partners, as well as industry news and commentary. IPR Buyer Members are also given first access to download free digital editions of Publishing Perspectives and IPR Rights Magazine.

  1. Dedicated Account Management

IPR offers each Buyer Member an initial consultation and online demonstration of the platform and its services, including how to search for content, how to make an offer and how to track ongoing enquiries and transactions.

Questions? Contact Brittany Poulin at for further information.