Safety first! – Translating MSDSs

Jul 18, 2017 | Business, First Edition Translations, Language, Miscellaneous, Translation

GHS pictogram If you deal with hazardous substances at work, then the acronym MSDS is no stranger to you. An MSDS or a Material Safety Data Sheet is a document that includes various information about chemical substances in the occupational environment, such as safe handling, potential hazards, fire safety, first aid measures, storage, etc.

Most countries have their own regulations, and within the European Union, these documents must also comply with EU regulations and official language-specific wording. It’s not surprising that each substance must have its own data sheet in the language of any country where it is used or exported to.

When it comes to choosing your translation provider for your MSDSs for use in EU countries, it’s not enough to work with someone who offers technical translations. They also need to be familiar with the regulations set by the European Union, standard wording and official terminology in order to meet the regulatory requirements.

Here at First Edition we are up to date with the relevant EU vocabulary, the official format and the official wording of the various hazard, risk, precautionary and safety statements. We work with technical translators who have extensive experience with translating this kind of documentation to make sure that your MSDSs in the target languages are up to scratch, and the format and wording comply with EU regulations.

If you need some safety data sheets translated, don’t hesitate to get in touch with First Edition Translations! We will make sure you receive a good quality translation in line with EU guidelines. Contact us on 01223 356 733 or drop us a line at