A translation nightmare

Oct 31, 2016 | First Edition Translations, Miscellaneous, Translation, World events

(Halloween special)

A translation nightmare

It was a dark, bone-chilling night and there was not a soul in the streets. A sudden gust of strong wind hit the dry branches of a tree against the window of John’s office. A chill ran down John’s spine, then he shook himself: he had no time for childish scares. He had a deadline.

First thing the next morning he had to present the translations to their international partners. Jane, his boss, had asked him months ago to arrange the translation of all the documentation on their new product – but he kept putting it off. He didn’t know why, there just always seemed to be something more pressing, it could wait, he thought.

Now, he was panicking. What could he do a day before the deadline? Then, after desperately wracking his brain, as a last resort, he opened a website on his computer: Translatomatic. Translatomatic would be his saviour!

The next few weeks went by uneventfully, then one day Jane called him into her office. She seemed furious. John sat down and Jane started to talk.

“Our partners are extremely unhappy with us. Some of them got upset because they were addressed in a rude manner, others are contesting our numbers because of some misplaced decimal points. Some said the translated documents were utter gobbledygook. And our Arabic partners? They couldn’t even read our documentation because it was set in the wrong direction!”

John couldn’t look Jane in the eye. She continued.

“Your mistake cost us a fortune. But more than that, it ruined the carefully built relationship with our international partners. John, I have to fire you…”

Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!

John woke drenched in sweat. Phew… It was just a dream. His eyes tried to adjust to the dim light as he searched for today’s date on the calendar. He sighed in relief. There were still weeks left before the REAL deadline.

He waited for his breathing to normalise and his pulse to calm down, then he set out to get ready for work.

He knew what to do to avoid his nightmare coming true. There was only one way he could make sure the translation disaster from his dream stayed just in his imagination.

As soon as he got into the office, he reached for the phone and dialled: 01223 356 733