Translations Musings: Happy Internaut Day!

Aug 23, 2016 | Business, First Edition Translations, Miscellaneous, World events

internetToday we celebrate Internaut Day – the day when the internet went public.

This month 25 years ago the first ever website went live, which marked the beginning of a new era. The World Wide Web started out with the aim to aid communication between the scientists of CERN, however, shortly after its internal use began, the public was also allowed access to it on 23 August 1991. Little did anyone know then that it would change so many aspects of our lives within a short period of time. Today we use the internet for finding information, learning and entertainment, and of course for work!

Here at First Edition we have always been quick to adapt to the change of technology and have made sure that we can meet our clients’ expectations when it comes to being internet-savvy. Although first there was only one computer in the office with internet access and a dedicated email account, First Edition recognised the need to be online early on and soon everyone got access to the web on their own work computer. In the early 2000s, the first version of our website also rolled out and after that nothing could have stopped us! Sending hard copies of proofs by couriers, using faxes and posting floppy disks and CDs were soon replaced by emails, FTP sites and web-based file transfer services. Today we are present online not only through our website but also on various social media: Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Image source: Mansoor Ali