Translation musings: Don’t become a meme!

Jun 8, 2016 | First Edition Translations, Language, Translation

Yesterday I got sucked into the deep, deep darkness of the internet and stumbled across an article that ridiculed bad translations and, in some cases, the lack of any translation whatsoever. It was illustrated with a plethora of funny pictures of terribly mistranslated menus, not-quite-right product labels and hilarious road signs. There were so many things that went wrong with those translations!

Sometimes the translator just slipped on a typo:


Sometimes the translator just couldn’t find the right word:


via Twitter: @MBlake482


Sometimes the translator just gave up:


And sometimes the text never even reached the translator:

no translation

via Twitter @Scheherezade_SL


Don’t let this happen to you! Don’t let your product become an embarrassing internet meme! Instead of using machine translations or undependable translators, go to a reliable professional translation company that will take care of all your translation needs. Come to First Edition! 😉

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