Rainy musings

Jun 14, 2016 | First Edition Translations, Language, Miscellaneous

RainI got so hopeful after last week’s gorgeous weather but now I know that it was just a fluke: it’s all gloomy and dark and wet again. It’s raining cats and dogs, you might say.

Or, you could also say, “úgy esik, mintha dézsából öntenék” which is a Hungarian idiom, meaning “it’s raining is if it were poured from a tub”. The Czech would describe this weather by saying “it’s raining wheelbarrows” (“Padají trakaře.”) but you could use the German expression “es gießt Schusterjungs”, which means “it’s pouring cobbler boys”. In Norway, you would get “troll witches” from the sky (“Det regner trollkjerringer.”). But, if you go to Spain instead, you might get lucky in the rain and catch a husband (“Estan lloviendo hasta maridos.”). In Haiti, dogs drink through their noses in this weather (“Chyen ap bwe nan nen.”) and I wouldn’t like to be a mouse in the Serbian rain, as there “the rain falls and kills the mice” (“Пада киша уби миша.”).

I’m optimistic though, and even though we might need to take a rain check on our BBQ plans, I believe that more lovely summer days await us.

And don’t forget: come rain or shine, you can always count on First Edition Translations to sort out all your translations!

Image credit: Griszka Niewiadomski