Sometim9781316505472cvr_Page_1es motivating young language learners – especially teenagers – can be quite a challenge for teachers. Choosing the right teaching material that sparks the interest of students is one way to keep them involved. It is particularly important that those dreaded grammar rules are presented in a clear and “learner-friendly” manner without any frightening jargon, so that young learners don’t get scared of them in the early stages of their language learning.

Cambridge University Press’ Eyes Open series is one of the materials that present English grammar in an approachable way; the four-level book series containing easy-to-follow grammar explanations. First Edition’s involvement in the project started here: we were asked to translate the English explanations into Dutch and tailor them to the needs of young Dutch learners. As in the Netherlands English grammar is often taught with the help of the students’ mother tongue, a localised edition of the Eyes Open books was created as a response to local market need.

As you might guess, this was not a simple, straightforward translation project. We worked closely together with the Press’ project managers, the end client and our translators to achieve the best results and create a Dutch version that is suitable for the target audience. The project involved a translation phase where the carefully selected sections were translated, leaving the relevant example sentences in English. This was followed by a thorough revision phase to ensure the accuracy of the Dutch translation. In order to guarantee that the explanations are not only linguistically correct but easily understandable by young learners, we also added a third, editing phase where we finalised the text in close cooperation with our client’s team. After typesetting, there was only one thing left to do: proofreading, to double-check that the materials are indeed good to go.9781316505472emt_p104-112_Page_3

The experience was a positive one overall. I think a lot of learning went on. The translation brief needed refining along the way, and Isabelle, First Edition’s project coordinator was understanding and keen to support me in her communication with the translators in order that the various stakeholders were happy with the results, which we all are. In fact we had an email from the Dutch sales consultant yesterday who expressed how delighted she is with the final product.”

James Frith, Commissioning Editor, Cambridge University Press

Here at First Edition we are keen on finding the best solution for your project and by working closely with you and our translators we make sure that the final product is just as you imagined!