Translation musings: First Edition’s TOP 10 languages

Aug 18, 2015 | First Edition Translations, Language, Miscellaneous, Musings, Translation, Uncategorized

I quite like numbers and statistics: they can show you things you couldn’t have guessed or they can confirm what you have already suspected.

When I pulled the report about our most popular languages, I wasn’t really surprised to see certain languages on the list but I also got some interesting data I didn’t expect. Let’s have a look at my findings!

I was curious about the number of translation projects that we’ve carried out from English since January 2010. I wanted to focus on our target languages, so I have disregarded projects that involved translation from other languages into English. The results are not based on the number of translated words, but on the number of individual projects. Our other services are also excluded, so the number of interpreting, editing, proofreading, typesetting, etc. projects are not included.

Instatistical-tables-1425109-639x581 the last five years we handled translations from English into more than 70 languages, including some more “exotic” ones such as Karamojong, Hausa or Kurdish. Of course, this list includes all the official EU languages and other “popular” languages, for example Arabic, Korean and Chinese.

Our top 3 target languages based on the number of translation projects are French (approx. 15% of all examined projects), German (approx. 12%) and Spanish (approx. 10%). The other languages on our TOP 10 list are: Italian, Dutch, Portuguese (both European and Brazilian), Chinese (all varieties), Polish, Japanese, and last but not least, Russian.

Interestingly – but maybe not so surprisingly –, the top 10 languages make up almost 70% of all our translation projects from English. This result just shows the truly high demand for these 10 “trendy” languages. The other 30% of our projects is distributed among approx. 60 other languages.

If you have a document that you need translated, don’t hesitate to get in touch – no matter how popular or rare a language is, we will find the right translator for you!


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