Translation musings: do you want low quality chips with that?

Apr 29, 2015 | Translation

IMG_20150429_171556371Well-loved American snack food establishment Taco Bell(other taco products are available) have, to great joy, opened their doors in Japan this week. Yay! Unfortunately their triumphant return has been somewhat overshadowed by their incredibly badly translated website!

The translation is thought to have been created through a well-known online service, rather than a qualified and experienced translator. On the menu are low quality chips which are, presumably, a good accompaniment to the fleece of equal poor quality also available. Mmmm, tasty (but warm at least). Or perhaps you’d like some Supreme Court Beef? The highest in the land!

The word used for ‘legacy’ (as in the catchy phrase “A legacy is born”) is, unfortunately, used only in computer technology terms, so in effect translates to obsolete! A shame as they only just got there…

All this goes to show, once again, that relying purely on computer  translation is a mug’s game. Get it done properly, by a qualified, experienced, mother-tongue translator or be prepared for some bizarre descriptions!

Acknowledgement: RocketNews24