Translation musings: what does the mouse say?

Jan 15, 2015 | Uncategorized

little mouseHave you ever wondered if animals have regional accents? No? Just me then… Well, accent or not, they do speak in different language, or at least they are translated differently! So, what does a mouse say? Well in English it squeaks. Obviously. But in Dutch it pieps, in Swedish it pip-pips and in Italy? Well, in Italy it squitts.

Did you know that, in Danish, a duck raps! And in although in most countries a cat meows (or myaus or miaous or something very similar), in Korea it yaongs and in Estonian it näus. And the frog, well he is very vocal  – from  kum kum in Polish to op op in Thai, via brekeke in Hungarian and kwaak in German.

But I think I like the pigs best. The rather wonderful in itself oink translates to hunk in Albanian, grunz in German and nöff in Swedish. You just can’t help but nöff or hunk along.

Please take a look at these wonderful illustrations on Buzzfeed and learn more of the language of our favourite animals. Also please note that the adding of ‘s’ to all of the above words was all down to me and may not be (and almost certainly isn’t)  correct in that language.

Ps while writing this blog, and having just been for a rather chilly walk, I wondered whether brr was different in other languages. So I looked it up (bravo Wiktionary!).  In German it is… brr and in Italian? You guessed it, brr. So, no future blog post there! Anybody say it differently anywhere else?!!


image credit: bvdwiel at