Translation Musings: multiple languages, multiple personalities?

Jun 20, 2014 | Translation

Speech bubble graphic (2)I have just read a very interesting article in the New Republic from earlier this year which debates whether people who speak more than one language fluently actually take on different personalities depending on the language being used. Click here to read the article (and keep on clicking for the background research!). It’s fascinating stuff.

So, I work in an office full of bilinguals – I took a straw poll! Although one immediately said ‘No, I’m always the same person’, the other two (quiet office today!) weren’t sure. One agreed in a way, saying that she talks to different people and about different things in her native language, than in English. Made sense to me!

I will admit that is the extent of my research, so I don’t think I’m going to get any academic offers anytime soon, but still, it’s all very interesting. So, all you bilinguals out there – what do you think? Are you a different person in your native language than in others?