Movies that got lost in translation

Oct 25, 2013 | Translation, Uncategorized

ClapperboardI thought it was about time to revisit the wonderful movie titles which have, over the years, got a little bit lost in translation. See if you can guess the original English title of the following:

Se mi lasci ti cancello or If you leave me, I delete you

Der Stadfneurotiker or Urban Neurotic

Six Naked Pigs

Luojan tähden paetkaa! or For God’s Sake, Run!

Mr. Cat Poop
(Hong Kong)

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Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind – not quite such an evocative title as the original, but you get the point.

Annie Hall – of course it is!

The Full Monty – bit harsh…

The Amityville Horror – well, it’s certainly good advice!

As Good as it Gets. Yes, that stumped me a bit as well. Apparently the name of Jack Nicholson’s character, Melvin, when transliterated into Cantonese sounds very similar to the colloquial word for, you guessed it, cat poop.

Do you have any favourites? Have a good weekend!


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