Translating the untranslatable

Sep 25, 2013 | Translation

Autumn in GermanyAutumn is a great time to go to the woods for a solitary yomp. You can get such a wonderful feeling of being completely alone and at one with nature. So, what’s the word for that?

Well, we don’t have one but the Germans do! Of course they do. It is



As with much of the wonderful German language, it is a compound word – Wald meaning forest and Einsamkeit meaning loneliness or solitude.

Why not get a little Waldeinsamkeit this week while the sun is still shining?

By the way, if you’re wondering about my use of yomp (see first paragraph) – it’s a word I’ve appropriated from my husband; meaning, I thought, a nice long walk with no particular purpose. But I’ve just looked it up and it actually means: a march with heavy equipment over difficult terrain. I’ll stick with my husband’s interpretation I think! Have you got any words you deliberately misuse or misinterpret?


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