The height of summer!

Jun 21, 2013 | World events

StonehengeToday is the Summer Solstice (here in the Northern Hemisphere anyway), when, at noon, the sun appears to have reached its highest point in the sky.

The word solstice derives from the Latin sol (sun) and sistere (to stand still) – it is at this point that the sun stops before reversing direction. It is also the longest day of the year – oh yes, the nights will soon be drawing in! This morning saw the usual revellers at Stonehenge, including the claimed reincarnation of Arthur Pendragon, and Google have provided a rather nice little doodle to celebrate.

Although it may not feel like it, Midsummer’s Day is just around the corner, on Monday 24th June. And Cambridge is currently hosting its Midsummer Fair on, where else, Midsummer Common. One of the oldest in the UK, King John formalised the annual fair in 1211. Originally a trade fair, it now hosts a variety of rides and stalls for all the family.

Image credit: <a href=’’>mick66ey / 123RF Stock Photo</a>