Happy St George’s Day!

Apr 23, 2013 | Miscellaneous

st_george_flagPoor old St George – he is probably the least celebrated of Great Britain’s patron saints, but is in fact highly honoured across the world. Click here to revisit last year’s post (time does fly!) or read on…

George started life as a Greek nobleman who went on to become an officer in the Roman army. In AD 302, Greek Emperor Diocletian ordered the arrest of every Christian soldier and demanded a sacrifice to the Roman gods from the rest of the army. George objected, loudly, and declared himself a Christian. Attempts to convert him failed and he was tortured and executed.  He is now venerated across the world as a Christian martyr.

One of his most famous depictations is in the story of St George and the Dragon; the dragon symbolising both Satan and the Roman Empire. In the Western version, he slays the dragon and rescues the maiden, causing the grateful citizens to fling away their past paganism and convert to Christianity.

Click here to find out more about England’s patron saint and Happy St George’s Day to you all!