Top Translation Tip #3

Feb 27, 2013 | Translation, Uncategorized

GlobeWhat languages do you need?

This sounds like a simple question and most of the time the answer is pretty simple too. We need to know what language the original is in (the source) and what language(s) it needs to be translated into (the target).

But sometimes we might need a bit of extra information to ensure the right translator is used. For example, is it Traditional (Cantonese) or Simplified (Mandarin) Chinese? European or Brazilian Portuguese? South American or European Spanish? The more information you are able to give at the very beginning of the project, the easier it is to find the right translator and avoid delays and potential extra costs.

At First Edition, we always use native speakers and our translators only ever translate into their native language. When localisation is important, we will try to match the country, or even region, as well as the language wherever possible.


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