Over the fiscal cliff we go

Jan 8, 2013 | Language

We’ve all got words or phrases we hate. It might be the way the words are put together – perhaps a newly overused phrase, it might be the word itself, it might even just be the pronunciation of the word, but there are some words and some people who just don’t get on.

Every year Michigan’s Lake Superior State University compile a list of, wait for it… “Words to be Banished from the Queen’s English for Misuse, Overuse and General Uselessness”.

As this list has been put together in America, many of the culprits are of course, American! And hated by… Americans! Which makes a nice change. And of course, in an election year, the politic-speak abounds. See how many you recognise, and how many you hate. So, the 2013 list is (drumroll)…

Fiscal cliff (all to do with the US financial crisis)
Kick the can down the road (?!!  Something to do with neglecting one’s political responsibilites. As if!)
Double down (even more ??!! A blackjack term moved to politics, apparently – used in place of repeat/reaffirm/reiterate)
Job creators/creation (lowering unemployment, politician style)
Passion/passionate (as in I’m so PASSIONATE about Thai fusion cuisine/rain forests/Justin Bieber…)
YOLO (You Only Live Once – doh!)
Spoiler alert (I won’t spoil it)
Bucket list (see the film)
Trending (this list perhaps?)
Superfood (Is it a blueberry, is it a tomato? No, it’s a superfood!)
Boneless wings (tastes like chicken)
Guru (someone who is trying to convince you to buy their services)

Any you’d add?