E questo è quanto!

Sep 4, 2012 | Translation

Moving on from last week’s look at ‘Bob’s your uncle‘, I now have the equivalent in Italian (see title!). However, anyone with even a modicum of Italian knowledge (ie you’ve watched The Godfather more than once…) can see this is not an exact translation (would that be Roberto è tuo zio?) but more the gist (And that’s it!).

I got this particular translation from Monarch Airlines who have produced some rather marvellous crib sheets to help Italian visitors blend in when they visit our fair cities of London, Manchester and Birmingham.

So, in Birmingham they are helped with the meanings for (and yes, you do have to say it in a Brummie accent) Turrah a bit (Alla prossima), Bostin! (Fantastico!) and Yam alright cock (Sto bene, bello).

In Manchester, I’m mad for it becomes Mi fa impazzire, That’s minging translates to Fa schifo and if you’re off yer head, then you are obviously Non ci stai con la testa!

In London, I’m cream crackered makes more sense as Sono stanco morto and Would you Adam and Eve it? can be best put as Ci credi? Lastly, moving a bit east to Essex, who doesn’t want to know what Reem is in Italian? Oh, you. Fair enough.

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Ps It’s Figo!