Avast, me hearties!

Sep 19, 2012 | Language

This day be speak like a scurvy pirate day.

I confess I was disappointed to find Google Translate don’t list Pirate as one of their languages, but there are other ways of speaking Pirate. You can even set your Facebook language to Pirate and ‘Scour for mateys’, ‘Blabber to yer mates’ and, my favourite, ‘Arr!’ instead of like! Take a look at our Facebook page for a wee bit o a ruckus.

‘International talk like a pirate day’ has been going for ten years now and what started life as a bunch of friends having a hoot and a hollar is now a worldwide phenomenon – the first reported Talk Like A Pirate Day parrrrty of 2012 apparently happened a week ago in Tasmania and there are events going on all over the world, especially in the US and UK. We do love a party and a parlay!

Click here for the original ‘Talk like a pirate day’ website and find yer inner scurvy pirate!