Wish you were here…

Aug 1, 2012 | Musings

With the summer holidays upon us and the rain back where it belongs (falling on our English summer…), my thoughts have been turned to postcards. I’m sure we can all remember the excited buying of and writing out of “Having a lovely time. Weather great. Wish you were here!” 15 times for various relations, friends or work colleagues. In these times of texting, emails and smart phones offering 24/7 communication opportunities, the notion of sending and receiving postcards seems as outdated as kiss me quick hats and long carefree British sun-filled summers (remember those?).

But the Postcrossing project hopes to change all that. The goal is to get postcards crossing all over the world, to and from random strangers. The main premise being, if you send them, they will come!

The project has come to my attention through my colleague, Anikó, who has already sent and received around 40 postcards, from such far-flung places as Australia, Belarus, USA, Russia and the Philippines. It’s a lovely way to improve the postman’s day as well as your own and, as the Author at Postcrossing puts it, “turn your mailbox into a box of surprises – and who wouldn’t like that?”

Check it out at www.postcrossing.com