Positive English

Apr 10, 2012 | Language

Easter is a good time for positive language. Delicious words like chocolate, hot cross buns, bunnies, school holidays… ah, yes – maybe not all the words are positive! But spring seems to lend itself to happy words – so much is blooming and blossoming, new life abounds and gambols, and there is  twitterpating all around (with reference to Bambi, not the well know social network…).

And, according to mathematicians from Cornell University and the University of Vermont, it’s not just spring which brings out the happy words in us. Their study, using Google Books, Twitter, popular songs lyrics and The New York Times to count the number of positive versus negative words used, found that English tends to look on the bright side of things with the positive words outnumbering the negative.

A nice thought for a sunny spring day.

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photo: © Lidian Neeleman | Dreamstime.com