Sometimes it’s not just the words that matter…

Mar 15, 2012 | First Edition Translations, Language, Translation

Here at First Edition Translations, our translators only ever translate into their mother tongue. This means that, not only do they fully understand the language, but also the issues behind the grammar and vocabulary – the context, culture and society of the language.

This is vital as very often just translating the words isn’t enough. For example, translating the phrase ‘out on the town’ into Arabic could probably be done with words, but the context is more difficult. ‘Out on the town’ would usually imply alcohol, bars and nightclubs, which might not be entirely appropriate in the Arab world. The sentence and the meaning behind it would need to be looked at in a different way as a result.

Cultural sensitivities need to be taken into consideration when preparing for overseas markets, and is why a real live human, with the right cultural and linguistic background, should always be used to ensure that you and your business are represented in the most professional way.


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