It’s raining…

Mar 7, 2012 | Language

In fact, it’s pelting, chucking, tipping, peeing it down… We’ve had cats and dogs, stair rods, elephants and giraffes and frog stranglers… So, how is the rain where you live?

In Afrikaan it’s raining old women with knobkerries (a kind of club, in case you’re wondering) – Ou vrouens met knopkieries reen.

In Czech,  wheelbarrows  are falling – Lije k’o iz kabla – and in Slovakia, tractors  – Padajú traktory.

In Haitian Creole, dogs are drinking in their noses  – Chyen ap bwe nan nen. I love the mental picture that brings!

In Norway, it’s raining female trolls (of course!) – Det regner trollkjerringer – and in Spain, you may even pick up a husband!  Estan lloviendo hasta maridos.

What’s your favourite precipitation based phrase?!

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