Fancy a Brazilian?

Feb 7, 2012 | Musings

Brazil, to most, is an exotic country far away – the home of carnival, beautiful beaches, the copacabana (the beach, not Barry Manilow’s bar)…  We have a variety of liquid soap in our bathroom here at FE, called Brazilian Fusion. We also have a native Brazilian. The soap annoys her. Its credentials are that it contains two exotic flowers, neither of which are native to Brazil.

Another bug bear in our international office is Moroccan Houmous – according to our Karima (from Morocco), this does not exist. If you ask a Moroccan for houmous, what you will get is chickpeas.

Some countries, or indeed languages, have certain connotations – Brazil, for example, to the exotic. You can’t imagine a German Fusion soap (though presumably it would be very efficient – sorry, couldn’t resist another little bit of stereotyping there). Although you might get a scent of pine if you close your eyes and think of Bavaria. But is it false advertising, or just a bit of harmless artistic licence?

Oh, and a Brazilian? Rumour has it it did originate from Brazil but the modern naming came from a salon in Manhattan.